Workplace illness detection and management

Secure data entry and tracking
for early detection and proactive
management of workplace health

What is Testpoint?

A software solution developed by Gemina Labs to manage health in the workplace

Risk Dashboard

Managers are immediately notified of health risks using the anonymized data dashboard

Direct Link to Results

Secure test tracking enables health and safety staff to link directly with labs

Integrated Notifications

Push and email notifications
alert employees when new test results become available

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Reporting App

The secure mobile app enables employees and contractors to report their symptoms safely

Daily Symptom Logging

Employees and contractors can log their symptoms and exposure risks

Secure Anonymous Records

Everyone’s data remains their own in a private and secure data environment

What is Testpoint?






Film Sets

Testpoint reduces risk of workplace transmission of contagious illnesses by enabling employees to share their data in a secure and private manner ​

Testpoint is a software-as-service company focused on the delivery of private and secure data solutions for rapid pathogen detection and workplace screening

The Testpoint Solution

A data risk assurance solution to help people get back to work amid global health challenges


Intuitive and clean reporting process for employees

All Lab 
Test Results

Test results communicated through integrated systems


Manage screening and testing services for your employees

Secure Data 

User data is encrypted 
and anonymized 

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